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Do you love aviation? Are you a talented software developer? Say hello...


Software Developer

We are a highly motivated team.  We love to work hard and play hard.  We are collectively driven to improve aviation safety, and this is your chance to join something amazing.  Work in the fun & cool Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA and experience great restaurants, night life, and exercise opportunities.  Enjoy the flexible benefits of working with a small team and see your contributions broadly impact our goals. 

Required first-day

  • You will walk in the door as a hands-on self-starter who is motivated to learn.

  • You have a solid foundation in software design using best coding practices.  

  • You have experience with hardware and building custom computers. 

Knowledge of the following programming languages and frameworks. Ability to quickly pick up other languages and frameworks as needed

  • C# and .NET framework

  • C/C++ and STL

Exposure to

  • Multi-threaded applications

  • 2D and 3D graphics rendering applications

  • Web server backend (node.js), and browser front-end environments

  • Microcontroller environments (i.e. Arduino)

  • MS Visual Studio in Windows

Knowledge of, or ability to quickly learn the following

  • Data structures

  • Mathematical concepts (vector and matrix operations, trig)

  • Database structures, usage and indexing concepts

  • Geospatial concepts (working with maps, coordinate systems, distance/bearing measurements)

  • Basic aviation concepts

  • Networking protocols

  • Maintenance and deployment on Linux servers (configuring services, running backup routines, using bash scripts, etc)

  • Basic electronic circuits

  • Scalability, and performance optimization concepts. Memory management.

  • Best practices for software design and maintainability

  • Proper computer assembly and configuration process. Use of hard disk imaging tools.

  • General knowledge of graphics rendering using frameworks such as DirectX and GDI+

 Bonus skills:

  • X-Plane experience, writing plugins for X-Plane

  • Simulation aircraft and scenery development

  • Pilot certificate

  • Experience with CentOS, nginx, Redis, MongoDB, GridFS, haproxy

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