Torrance 44


Say hello to the future of flight simulation.

The all new Torrance 44 is a cutting-edge training device based on the Robinson R44 helicopter. A product of the one-G Creative Solutions Studio, this device merges Virtual Reality technology with flight simulation, creating a highly immersive augmented reality flight deck. Debuted at Oshkosh 2017, the Torrance 44 is one-G's freshest offering.

Described by AVweb's Geoff Rapoport as "one of the best things that I saw at Oshkosh this year," the Torrance 44 will change how rotocraft training is conducted. 360 degree visuals coupled with a highly accurate Blade Element Theory derived flight model place this training device in a class of its own. Unlike any other helicopter training device on the market, the Torrance 44 delivers complete situational awareness, streamlining the challenging process of learning to control a helicopter.  Available now.




ATP (Augmented Training Platform)


Robinson R44


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‣ Virtual Reality 360 degree visuals utilzing the HTC Vive headset
‣ Stereo audio and intercom system
‣ 1G-Wave aerodynamically driven haptic feedback vibration
‣ Ships assembled and rolls through a standard doorway
‣ 1G-IOS wireless Instructor Operator Station
‣ Wireless support for Foreflight™ ,WingX Pro™ and AOPA FlyQ™apps, including AHRS and synthetic vision
‣ Leatherette seating




Oshkosh 2017 debut

Oshkosh 2017 debut