The one-G foundation™ base model is loyal to the cockpit of a Cessna® 172 single engine aircraft. Complete with a 27 inch LCD display screen and one-G’s advanced avionics emulation suite, including the 1G-650™ GPS emulator based on the Garmin® GTN650™ 


The simple, intuitive design of the 1G-IOS can be utilized on a wireless tablet or a traditional desktop console. Instructors are able to see a display map with FAA navdata, simulate system failures and various climate scenarios, and track student progress in real time through a sophisticated profile approach plot


The 1G-IOS™ features an array of tools to track administrative features such as discrepancy tracking, student hour logging, and billing, leaving more time for instructors to focus on what matters most - the student


Why Access?

Because the landscape of pilot training and changing. With the addition of cutting-edge training resource, your business can not only keep up but grow, risk-free