Company Timeline

first plane cockpit

The Beginning


Xylon builds Flagship 1 in his garage.

Flagship LOA


Xylon receives his first Letter Of Authorization (LOA) from the FAA approving the Flagship 1 as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)

one-G simulation is BORN


“our mission is to provide training tools for pilots at a price that allows for access” We recognise the need for high fidelity model specific training devices.

Research Research Research


Production techniques are refined.

Modern Pilot


Opened sister company modern pilot. An innovative flight school serving the Puget Sound region training pilots on one-G equipment.

Flagship 2


LOA: we build new Flagship models. It’s now configurable between the single engine A36 and the twin engine BE58

Tarbes 7


A need is recognized for an affordable training device to serve the TBM market. The Tarbes 7 is born as a commision to produce an FAA approved model specific advanced aviation training device based on the Socata TBM 700



First in the world to offer a fully featured GTN emulator based on the popular Garmin GTN series of products



We launch the “1G-IOS” an innovative, feature rich, web-based instructor operating station.

The one-G Portal


one-G Portal is created, an incredible on line resource of information available for all users of our systems

Access Program


Revolutionary program providing flight schools around the country with one-G devices on a pay per use basis.

Foundation 1000


We develop a full glass panel G1000 emulator and receive preliminary approval for the device configured with the Foundation (Cessna 172 G1000)



Based on the popular Pilatus PC12, this AATD features copilot seating and controls, including twin force feedback control yokes.

Project Piper


We launch Project Piper. The one-G Creative Solutions Team embark on a project to produce a fleet of Piper aircraft simulators

Hypoxia Awareness


We integrate the one-G IOS with hypoxia awareness trainers used throughout the US and streamline a critical training process

Torrance 44


The all new one-G Torrance 44™ is a device which merges Virtual Reality technology with flight simulation. Unlike any other helicopter training device on the market, the Torrance 44 delivers complete situational awareness, streamlining the challenging process of learning to control a helicopter

SOLO program


The one-G SOLO program is a “student-directed” simulation based pilot training curriculum. The program includes multiple lessons conducted on the flight simulator, each starting with pre-assessment tests, communication with live ATC, flight planning, flights, debriefing, and post assessments. Following each lesson, the data from the lesson can be logged, and then be reviewed with an instructor

Youth Access


We launch the one-G Youth Access program with a direct equipment, installation, and support donation to East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT)