Creative Solutions Studio

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A Solutions driven custom project studio 

At one-G we see flight simulation coalescing with traditional pilot training. This convergence is enabled by the rapidly evolving advances of computer technology and driven by the need for more efficient methods of learning.  That's what motivates us at the one-G Creative Solutions Studio.  


Bold moves

It's about embracing and furthering simulation technology with the advent of new ideas as a means to fortify our mission. We are increasing safety and proficiency, improving pilot training, and growing the pilot population.

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explore without boundries

At one-G Creative Solutions Studio we explore and implement new ideas. We develop functional prototypes. We push the envelope. And we generate momentum.  

Whether as custom commissioned projects or internally funded research, the innovative projects that blossom here become the new standard in flight simulation technology.  


You've discovered the answer

From software to custom fabricated sim avionics. From fully functional proof-of-concept prototypes to FAA approved training devices. From radical virtual reality driven visuals to aerodynamically derived haptic vibration feedback.

We are rapidly advancing flight simulation through the innovative integration of current and changing computer and fabrication technology. 


say no to status quo

Your dream project deserves a shot in the arm and one-G has your back. Talk with us about taking the next step toward making your simulation concept a reality.

At one-G we are different.