one-G Access Program


How It Works

one-G Access is a program that places the one-G Foundation™ in qualifying flight schools on a pay per use basis.  There are no registration fees, deposits, or long term contracts with one-G Access. We believe so strongly in our ability to reshape how pilots learn, that we are willing to offer our Cessna based FAA approved AATD at no direct cost. (Freight is responsibility of the flight school)

Let’s talk about details.

Once accepted to the Access program, your facility becomes eligible to receive the one-G Foundation™. We work with you to determine a competitive hourly rental rate based on your local market, a percentage of which we receive - that's how we make money. We offer an incentivized pricing model, which means that the more you use Access, the more money you keep. No monthly fees. It's just that simple.

When the Foundation arrives at your facility, we assist you with the set-up and provide full tech support from our offices in Seattle. We fully support the device, including remotely serviced software and regular FAA database updates. In addition, if you determine that Access is not a good fit for your business, we pick up the equipment, all at no cost to you. If Access is a good fit, your business becomes more competitive thanks to attractive pricing and cutting-edge resources. And we get to fulfill our mission of providing tools for increased pilot proficiency. As your business grows, so does ours: It's a win-win.



The one-G Foundation™ base model is loyal to the cockpit of a Cessna® 172 single engine aircraft. Complete with a 27 inch LCD display screen and one-G’s advanced avionics emulation suite, including the 1G-650™ GPS emulator based on the Garmin® GTN650™. 


The simple, intuitive design of the 1G-IOS can be utilized on a wireless tablet or a traditional desktop console. Instructors are able to see a display map with FAA navdata, simulate system failures and various climate scenarios, and track student progress in real time through a sophisticated profile approach plot.


The 1G-IOS™ features an array of administrative features such as discrepancy tracking, student hour logging, and billing, leaving more time for instructors to focus on what matters most - the student.


Why Access?

Because the landscape of pilot training is changing. With the addition of cutting-edge training resources, your business can grow, risk-free.


Are you running an aviation based youth program?  Want to lean how your program could become eligible for a direct donation from one-G simulation?