Tarbes 7


Meet Tarbes 7

The one-G Tarbes 7™ is based on the popular SOCATA TBM 700 single engine turboprop light business and utility aircraft. Pilots of the TBM, or any high performance single engine turboprop aircraft will feel right at home with our precise flight modeling and cockpit ergonomics.

A beautiful combination of software and hardware all customized with an aesthetic touch, the Tarbes 7™ delivers an experience like no other.


device type:

FAA approved AATD

base model:

SOCATA TBM 700 turboprop

starting price:

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Beyond Glass

‣ Glass cockpit Garmin emulation avionics provide modern options for modern training.
‣ Custom digital avionics emulation provides for an infinite combination of glass and analog instrumentation.
‣ LCD displays deliver sharp, high resolution instruments and avionics.

Realistic Mechanics

‣ Precision servo-driven instruments ensure the absolute highest level of realism and reliability in the analog gauges.
‣ Automatic fuel distribution system: Fuel tank selection and balancing is accomplished via an electronically controlled and mechanically actuated selector.


‣ Eye-popping leading edge visuals and projection system.

‣ Integrated audio system and frame mounted subwoofer recreates the power of the PT-6 turboprop.

Custom Fabrication

‣ Designed and built from the ground up utilizing our patent-pending modular system.
‣ Ships flat and fits in a compact space while providing unmatched functionality and feature expandability.
‣ Attention to the pilot's perspective provides exact seat position, eye line, and true-to-aircraft ergonomics.


One Giant Leap

The Tarbes 7 patent-pending design is a huge leap in simulation technology and realism. From the handcrafted force-feedback yoke to a fully functional overhead panel, we have spent hundreds of hours testing the smallest details to ensure that pilots will feel right at home.


Available with optional dual force feedback pilot controls for crew training.


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