1-G 650


1-G 650

The 1G-650™ is a faithful emulator of the Garmin® GTN™ that features GPS, terrain, and traffic data with a touchscreen interface. The menu and layout of the 1G-650™ are based directly on the GTN™, allowing for a positive transfer of learning



Developed by a team of pilots and software engineers to create an emulation loyal to Garmin’s popular GTN™  series - free from the cost associated with devices approved for flight, fulfilling one-G’s mission of improving pilot access to realistic training tools at an affordable price-point.


Up to date

All 1G-650™ devices are remotely updated from the most current FAA database, saving you time on vital installations


Fully functional

The fully functional touchscreen, pushbuttons, and knobs allow for precise input and menu navigation, just like the Garmin® GTN™  series unit.

Fully compatible

The 1G-650™ can be utilized with one-G’s suite of avionics across its entire fleet of FAA approved training devices.