one-G IOS


one-G IOS

Like our simulation fleet, the one-g Instructor Operating System (IOS) is an unrivaled resource for students and instructors. 

Seamlessly integrated with the one-g Access Portal, the one-G IOS allows students to track their activities and progress - anytime, anywhere - with a simple touch screen interface and a ‘platform agnostic’ design that responds to wireless tablets and traditional desktop consoles.


See what the faa sees

Our content-rich map display is updated regularly with FAA navdata


Pick A Runway

Our approach profile plot depicts student navigation performance relative to any ILS or runway, while our cockpit instrumentation maintains unparalleled systems and flight altitude awareness between instructor and student


Choose Your Own Adventure

Categorized system failures allow the instructor to orchestrate multiple training scenarios

Blue Skies, Strong Winds

Manipulate the weather to simulate a variety of in-flight scenarios


Create dynamic and difficult training sessions

Our user interface tools allow for infinite scenarios, weather, aircraft failures and rapid aircraft repositioning.