Meet Flagship

Based on the popular Beechcraft BE-36 Bonanza and BE-58 Baron models, the one-G Flagship™ can be used to replicate any typical Single-Engine-Land and Multi-Engine-Land Complex aircraft in terms of overall functionality, avionics and instrumentation.

FAA certification was an important milestone for one-G's iconic original simulator. The fabrication and certification process layed the groundwork for our distinctive and precise engineering.


device type:

FAA approved AATD

base model:

Beechcraft BE-36
Beechcraft BE-58

starting price:

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Instruments & Avionics

Beyond the realistic flight modeling, cockpit features will be familiar to both Bonanza and Baron pilots.

Foundation Photo 3.jpg

‣ Complete instrument panel
‣ Functional radios and transponder
‣ 1G-650, 1G-750, and 1G-1000 are all available avionics options. 
‣ Single or multi-engine instrument display
‣ High fidelity force feedback control loading provides highly realistic control yoke feel

Instructor Operating Station

‣ Instantly re-create any flight scenario
‣ Simulate in-flight emergencies
‣ Full control over weather conditions
‣ Realistically fail instruments and aircraft systems
‣ Review flight path and actions






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Above & Beyond

The Flagship™ is the ideal training device for any flight department, school, and even for your home.


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